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about my tax plan is inaccurate. >> all right. back to the campaign trail today for president obama and republican challenger mitt romney after they locked horns in their first face-to-face debate. they made their cases on a wide range of domestic issues in colorado. >> bigad shaban has highlights now from denver. reporter: the first presidential debate started with a handshake and a romantic moment. >> 20 years ago, i became the luckiest man on earth because michelle obama agreed to marry me. >> congratulations to you, mr. president, on your anniversary. i'm sure this was the most romantic place you could imagine here with me. >> reporter: the theme of the debate for president obama appeared to be that romney's plans lacked specifics. >> is the reason that governor romney is keeping all these plans secret because it's too good? >> reporter: governor romney spent the night attacking his record. >> we still have deficit. >> reporter: mitt romney came
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into the debate trailing in the polls but that could change after last night's performance. >> anytime a challenger stands on the stage with the president in a first debate they tend to get a bounce. i expect that could happen here. >> reporter: the romney campaign believes the governor scored a knockout. >> i believe that governor romney was the clear winner of this debate. if it was a boxing match it would have been called. >> reporter: an instant cbs news poll chose romney the overwhelming winner. 46% of the people we surveyed said romney won the debate. but moderator and pbs anchor jim lehrer might not feel the same way. >> i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop this subsidy to pbs. i'm going to stop other things. i like pbs. i love big bird. i actually like you, too. but i'm not going to keep on spending money for things to borrow money from china to pay for it. >> reporter: they will square off again october 16. bigad shaban, cbs news, denver. >> even people in california say romney won the debate last
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night. an exclusive poll of adults here in the golden state show 48% think governor romney won compared to 34% for president obama. 18% felt there was no clear-cut winner. we would like to get a discussion going this morning. who do you think won round one of the presidential debates and why? comment on facebook, twitter or email us at we know the candidates in debates sometimes put spins on the facts to benefit their arguments. here are a couple of fact checks on last night's debate courtesy of the associated press. president obama suggested the u.s. will save money by winding down the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the truth, the wars have been funded with borrowed money. so ending them only means less borrowing, not a new pool of available cash. then there was romney's claim that the president's healthcare plan creates an unelected board to tell people what kind of treatments they can v the truth is the board looks at overall medicare costs by law doesn't
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have the power to tell doctors what treatments they can prescribe. starting today, president obama and mitt romney weigh in on the issues in an exclusive presidential forum on today's issue, the economy. 4:33. developing news from the south bay. two homicide investigations in san jose. the city's 36th homicide of the year happened about 12:30 this morning. a man was killed in east san jose. someone old fire on the victim and other people standing near a home. police think it was gang- related. there are no suspects. there was a fight on south second street in the downtown area. about 8:30 last night police found the victim a man who was pronounced dead at the hospital. no suspect in that case. police are still trying to learn exactly what happened there. a bizarre confrontation on the caltrain tracks turned the evening commute into a mess t took place near the diridon station in downtown san jose shortly after 5:00 in the
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afternoon. caltrain service through the area was disrupted for 4 hours due to the incident. a san mateo county sheriff's deputy on patrol for caltrain found a 29-year-old san jose man act strangely and laying on the tracks. the deputy followed the man down the tracks and called for backup. investigators say the man armed himself with rocks and possibly a railroad spike. >> the suspect displayed some type of threatening behavior toward the officers that the san mateo county sheriff's deputy believed was a danger to his safety and that of the other deputies and he fired several rounds at the suspect. the suspects was struck twice. >> that suspect is expected to survive and could face assault charges. vallejo police are looking into a neighborhood dispute that ended with two men shot to death. neighbors on folkstone way reported hearing several shots about 6:00 last night. place say it appears one neighbor wielding a firearm
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crossed the street to confront two victims in a driveway. the suspect was arrested. timm investigators aren't saying what may have led to the dispute. a court-appointed monitor says the response by oakland police to "occupy" oakland last fall was troubling. the monitor, robert warshaw, says police were understaffed and unprepared to confront protestors who tried to reoccupy a camp at city hall. warshaw says he will watch carefully to see whether the department makes reforms that were recommended in an earlier report issued in june. now the first check of traffic. >> lawrence karnow is out enjoying his daughter's birthday. >> we're beginning a cooling trend starting at a as they mentioned so temperatures out the door you will even notice that right now, yesterday at this time we were seeing some
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mid-60s. that's not the case at all right now. check that out. 60 is one of your highs in oakland. otherwise only 58 degrees in san francisco. 57 in the south bay if you are coming into san jose. so here's your satellite and radar what's going on. we're watching this low off the coast bringing the sea breeze our way so much cooler weather and cooler still for the weekend. these are your afternoon highs. not any 90s. no 100s. so we are going to see mostly 70s and 80s inland. mid-60s around the coast and bay. coming up we'll show you a look at your seven-day forecast what you can expect for saturday and sunday. in the meantime, we're talking traffic with gianna. talking not bad this early morning. the only thing is an accident 101 near cesar chavez north not blocking lanes on the right shoulder just a minor fender bernard. golden gate bridge traffic is light. there is roadwork 101 just north of here both directions a
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paving project happening this morning. that's wrapping up by 6:00. also roadwork the westbound 92 ramp to southbound 280 is closed until 6:00. some delays as you approach the area. use the alternate. and roadwork on the dumbarton bridge seeing delays as well as you work your way toward menlo park out of fremont so give yourself some extra time. they should be wrapping up that by 5:30. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> flyball, center field, coco! ballgame! western division! the oakland as! >> how about that. with that, the oakland as shocked the texas rangers and major league baseball and won the american league west yesterday afternoon. the as came down back from four runs to beat the rangers 12-5 in yesterday's division- clinching game. in front of a sellout cloud they clinched home field
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advantage for the first round of the play-offs. >> we're not finished yet. i realize that. but we are going to he join right now. it's an unbelievable feeling. >> it was great. you supported us in an important race and got our blood pumping. >> too many times this year people want to point to intangibles and not recognize that there are some great ballplayers there and there's no such thing as being lucky for 162 games. >> whole lot of champagne going on yesterday. the as open the play-offs saturday in detroit. but on a sad note about pat me to shaq he asked for prayers after his first child died in florida less than a day after he was born. so some tough news there. big night for giants catcher buster posey. national league battle title belongs to him. posey finished the regular season with a .336 average. he is the first giants player
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to win the batting crown since barry bonds did it in 2000 four, the first catcher in moons by the way. giants slugger melky cabrera had a higher average but disqualified himself from the race after failing a drug test. big night for miguel cabrera. the detroit tigers slugger won baseball's triple crown. he is the first player know do so in 45 years. he led everyone in batting average with a .330, 44 home runs and 139 rbis. he is just the 15th player to achieve the honor. the last was in 1967 when carl yastrzemski did it for the red sox. a new roman catholic archbishop will take over this afternoon and the installation mass will draw protestors. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. some of the new archbishop's views could be considered controversial. reporter: that's right.
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historically these types of installations don't bring anger or interest. but in this case it's different because protestors are not exactly a fan of the new archbishop of san francisco, his national reputation supports california's ban on same-sex marriage. salvatore cordileone's installation will take place at 2:00 at st. mary's theat. 2,000 people are expected to show up including the vatican's ambassador to the u.s. this also includes protestors who will be here an hour before the mass. the former oakland bishop was a key driving force behind prop 8. now this favored him with fellow catholics. still some parishioners say he will be welcomed in san francisco. >> hopefully, by attending mass here, he will see how important this church is and what it does. there are a lot of elements of the catholic church which unfortunately hold that position and a place like this kind of challenges that on its own level. >> reporter: cordileone was oakland bishop for the past
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three years making headlines when he was arrested in san diego last month. he was charged with drunk driving and later apologized. now, if you can't catch today's installation, we'll be streaming it live on our website at live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. this afternoon, the blue angels will begin practicing above san francisco bay. they are scheduled to perform in an airshow on saturday and sunday. today and friday they will be holding practice sessions from 12:30 to 4:00. the blue angels will take off from oakland international airport. airport officials are telling neighbors to expect an unusual level of noise all around the bay area. it's quite a sight. check it out. fleet week is one of the events that could create gridlock over the weekend. america's cup series continues in san francisco bay. and the harpedly strictly blue glass -- hardly strictly bluegrass festival is at golden
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gate park and two play-off games, a lot of events in the city. go to if you haven't taken bart in a long time, highly recommend it. >> i was going to say is that correct, sir it? that's all that's going on? >> the as could play too but they are off to detroit. time now is 4:42. tensions high in the middle east. turkey shelled syrian targets but stopped short of declare war. >> can you just bring him back? >> who would steal a puppy? the south bay girl who is offering everything in her piggy bank to get her little dog back. >> and looking for love? the rare sight that snarled the morning commute in florida. >> have you seen that? ,,
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florida. the five foot tall lian bird apparent it's not your typical traffic hazard. an emu stopped traffic in australia.
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the 5-foot bird looking for a mate but only found motorcycles and cars. police tried to herd him off for quite a while off the highway but patrol cars didn't have a lot of success. final lit bird's owner was able to get him off the highway by throwing a towel over his head. if he just got a female emu and said over here -- >> i hear they're mean and tall, 5 feet, that's about as tall as me. [ laughter ] >> he was looking for you. >> i guess. >> there you go. >> i like the towel over his head trick. i used to do that to my brother when i -- [ laughter ] >> when i wanted him to just be quiet. that's what they do to birds to put them to sleep. it's a good little trick. out the door, grab a jacket or sweater. it's going to feel cooler. this is what the temperatures are our the door right now. a lot of low clouds and fog and temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s.
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by this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. definitely not as warm, high in the low 80s so more comfortable inland and cooler at the coast and bay because of the sea breeze kicking in this low pressure system off the coast. so yeah, it's going to begin a cooling trend over the next several days continuing into the weekend saturday and sunday. looks quite a bit cooler as well on the weekend. forecasted highs for later today we'll see a lot of 70s inland. 70s and 80s especially east of the east bay hills so here's a look at brentwood. 83 there. 77 in walnut creek. so yeah, it will feel better than some of the 90s and triple digits we have been seeing the past few days. otherwise, 60s even some 50s if you are along the coast. 59 is your forecasted high in stinson and 60 degrees in bodega bay. beach weather no longer the case. over the next several days, thursday and friday cooler temperatures. saturday and sunday, we're only going to reach into the 70s in our inland spots. and then monday we are still keeping that chance of rain
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only about a 20% chance for right now for the back-to-work forecast. and then tuesday and wednesday, kind of more of the same cooler weather continues. it's fall. all right. that's a check of your weather. for more on your traffic, here's gianna. >> thank you. a live look at conditions as you work your way at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far traffic very light not a lot going on here. later on though on the lower deck we have a construction scheduled getting way around 7:00 slowing you down on the lower deck of the bay bridge. but again, doesn't start until 7:00. elsewhere look at the south bay. so far, so good. no delays through san jose. traffic free-flowing as you work your way along 101. nice conditions. northbound no trouble to report on 280. looks like mostly everything clocking in with nice speeds as you work your way through the south bay. elsewhere live look at conditions at 880/237. traffic very light this morning. 6 minutes westbound 237 from 880 to 101. golden gate bridge, business as usual. we have roadwork along 101 just north of here but doesn't seem
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to be cause too many problems so traffic is very light. there is a lot happening though this weekend. closures and so forth. so mass transit will be a good choice. i'll talk more with that in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. the nation of turkey is firing on targets in neighboring syria for a second straight day. it's in response to heavy shelling from syria that killed five civilians in a turkish bordertown. that artillery is appearing to come from syrian government forces against rebels trying to out the syrian regime. in iraq a car bomb killed people in baghdad. the bomb went off in a parked car this morning nearly missing a convoy of security employees. a house committee says it was told by a state department officer regarding the benghazi bombing. there will be a hearing next week on the growing controversy
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over the attack. it is 4:49 now. four people are dead and at least 26 people are sick from an outbreak of meningitis in five states. all cases are linked to steroid injections for back pain. most of the patients affected went to a surgery center in tennessee. >> really didn't get into any state of, you know, fear or anything. i just sort of thought, okay, we'll research this. the more i researched it the more worried i got. >> federal health officials have identified a cause, a steroid product used in the injection. they know the manufacturer and have now issued a recall. teachers who went on strike in chicago have approved a three-year contract including pay hikes and new evaluation system. the contract still needs to be approved by the citier,'s board
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of education. teachers went on strike for a week and agreed to go to work while negotiations continued. wall street will get a look at the nation's job market ahead of tomorrow's employment report from september. this morning, the labor department releases the weekly report on new jobless claims. investors got some encouraging news on the labor market yesterday when a private payroll company said u.s. businesses added slightly more workers than expected last month. shares of hewlett-packard plunged to their lowest level in years. ceo meg whitman said it will take time to turn it around. got something your friends can't miss on facebook? now pay $7 and your post will pop up to the top of their news feeds. right now only a small number of facebook users are able to try it out but if it works, it could go systemwide. 7 bucks. >> if you got 7 bucks. it is official, toys 'r us is getting into the video
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streaming business. today the toy chain launching toys 'r us the digital service will offer 4,000 movies, tv shows, all geared towards kids. the site's family-friendly content won't be subscription- based. you will have to pay per rental or download. walmart is launching its neighborhood market concept in the bay area. the first local store opened up in west san jose yesterday at westgate shopping center. the neighborhood markets are along the lines of stores like lucky's, save mart and safeway without the big department store feel walmart is known for. >> it's nice. they have good pricing. >> i really think it should be a good addition for our town, better competition in this economy. >> walmart says the westgate store is the first of several naked markets that it plans to open in the region. here's a top story. thieves broke this a south san jose home but they snatched a lot more than just electronics
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inside. they also stole a little girl's puppy. the puppy's name is mico, a 6- month-old yorkie shih tzu mix. he was stolen tuesday near hayes elementary school from a home. now the puppy's 10-year-old owner says she just wants it back. she is offering all her money in her piggy bank to get the dog home. >> can you just like bring him back? that would mean so much to me. >> what mother wants to tell their children that part of their life has been taken away? and i can't do anything about it. >> well, in addition to the piggy bank money, a lot of sources in san jose have raised some $6,000 now for reward for an awfully cute little puppy dog there. >> poor thing. hopefully someone turns him in. >> tough on that girl. aston kutcher, a cop shows
4:53 am
up at his house, coming up. >> and watch out, the surprising number of supplements that don't do what they claim. >> and what happens if the other guy wins in november? how jetblue wants to help you get out of the country. it's all coming your way. ,,,,,,
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good morning. it is finally starting to feel like fall. highs today 60s around the coast and bay. 70s and 80s inland. we're going to get even colder still by the weekend and even a chance of rain. your seven-day forecast is coming up. >> if you are hitting bay area bridges early this morning, traffic is free-flowing along the golden gate bridge, san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. we'll have an update on your bridge. we'll have an update on your traffic and weather bridge. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. supplements claim to boost immunity or help you lose weight or cure cancer and
4:56 am
diabetes but the fda report analyzed a sample of products and found 20% made claims without any scientific evidence. >> they make claims and people think they don't need to take regular medicine or go to the doctor. >> supplements don't go to the fda for for testing or get their claims approved. so what do you do if your candidate loses the presidential race? >> jetblue is offering a free roundtrip flight out of the country. it will give free tickets to more than a dozen countries. you have to picture the presidential candidate before the election day and have to be on the losing side to be entered to win. we have a link to the contest on our website, just click on "links and numbers." >> a funky little thing huh? >> hey. kind of fun. >> could take a trip out of the
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country get away. call them the amazing as. we have complete coverage of the historic comeback win of the al western champs coming up. >> plus, going head to head for the first time of the the presidential candidates met in denver last night. how big bird became part of the debate. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. the candidates face off in their first debate. how big bird, body language and the moderator set the tone. >> and a violent night in san jose. police investigating two deadly shootings. the suspects and possible motives this morning. >> and we got big changes on our way. cooler around the bay area with low clouds and fog and a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. how cool will reget this weekend? we'll show you coming up. >> first reports of major bart delays and busy traffic weekend here in san francio.

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